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Product Review – Quorn Meat-less Patties (Classic Burger, Chik’n patty, Chik’n nuggets)

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As someone who doesn’t eat meat, I’m always on the hunt for good patties. Before giving up meat, I loved hamburgers and fries. It was my once-a-week guilty pleasure. I have tried A LOT of vegetarian patties including Boca burgers, Morning Star, Trader Joe’s, Dr. Preagar, Garden Burger, and Gardein. All were “okay” if I really spiced it up with spices and toppings but most would fall apart and didn’t have that meaty texture I was looking for….until I tried QUORN veggie burgers. These are BY FAR THEE BEST veggie burgers I’ve ever tried. I’ve tried three products from them: the chik’n patty, classic burger patty, and chik’n nuggets. All were fantastic!

The Chik’n Patty

Typical Values 1 patty (75g)
Calories 170
Calories from fat 60
Total fat 7.0g
Saturated fat 0.5g
Trans fat 0.0g
Cholesterol 5.0mg
Sodium 350.0mg
Total carbohydrate 20.0g
Dietary fiber 2.0g
Sugar 0.0g
Protein 9.0g

The PERFECT fried chicken patty. The patty is breaded and crispy once baked in the oven. Tastes very, VERY similar to chicken. Texture is perfect and holds up well…I’ve tricked a few people into thinking that they’re eating real meat. Everyone that has tried this patty is really impressed!

The Classic Burger Patty

Typical Values 1 burger (60g)
Calories 85
Calories from fat 30
Total fat 3.5g
Saturated fat 1.5g
Trans fat 0g
Cholesterol 5mg
Sodium 330mg
Total carbohydrate 5.0g
Dietary fiber 2.0g
Sugar 1.0g
Protein 8.0g

This patty had a great structure. It DID NOT fall apart. It had a great smoky meat flavor and makes the perfect cheese burger. Honestly, you guys would feel like you’re eating the real thing. Unfortunately, it is NOT VEGAN, its made of mycoprotein, egg whites, sunflower oil, onion, and a whole bunch of spices to make it tasty.

The Chik’n Nuggets 

Typical Values  Per serving (85g)
Calories  210
Calories from fat  80
Total fat  9.0g
Saturated fat  1.0g
Trans fat  0.0g
Cholesterol  5.0mg
Sodium  410mg
Total carbohydrate  26.0g
Dietary fiber  3.0g
Sugar  0.0g
Protein  10.0g

I believe 85g = 5 chik’n nuggets. But these are yummy and delicious! I bought these before I even started eating vegetarian and I didn’t even know these were meat-less. They’re THAT good. Perfect for younger kids. Delicious and  very good texture.

These meatless products are soo good. I really suggest that you guys try it. The only places I have found that sold these patties are Whole Foods Market and a small health market near my house. Each box is about five dollar so not the cheapest but definitely worth it. Have you guys tried this?? Let me know what you think! I love them!


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  1. I’ve only tried the Quorn mince and that was the really closest thing I’ve tried to meat. I might try out these, even know not completely vegan. I can’t believe how many choices you have over there. Have you tried Gardein Chick’n Scallopini? We can’t get them here, but Alicia Silverstone reckons they are really good.

    • No I haven’t tried it but we have tons of gardien products over here. When I do, I’ll let you know! Where Are you from?

      • I’m from Brisbane, Australia.We have a few vegetarian options in major supermarkets but most have milk. I discovered one vegan supermarket and they import a few things but its very expensive. We have few Fry’s products which are really good, but yet to find a ‘chicken’ fillet yet.

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