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Food Review: Vegetarian House – San Jose, CA

Vegetarian House is located in downtown San Jose, CA. It has been around for 20+ years! Boyfriend and I just started going there this year after we stopped eating meat. Many of my friends call it a “cult house” and when you walk in, you’ll know why. Seems like all the workers idolize this lady that they consider their God. Her picture is everywhere on the walls. I’m not sure what her way of life is; however, I don’t really pay attention to it while I eat there. This restaurant uses all organic items when they can which is awesome. My favorite dish to get there is the Pesto Divine and let me tell you, it is very DIVINE. It comes with chicken strips in a toasted hot baguette bread. They put vegannaise, tomatoes, lettuce, and pesto in it and it’s very tasty. The sandwich comes with soup and salad but I always substitute for fries..=X Haha to be honest, I don’t really like their soups that they give and the salads alright…Boyfriend got the jolly burger. This burger is quite interesting…it comes with crispy chik’n nuggets (as the m aeat), mushrooms, tomatos, pickles, and lettuce with french fries as well. It is very delicious. Their fries are so good; they are steak fries with seasonings and herbs on them. Yum! I’ve been to this restaurant maybe 10 times. Their food and service has always been good. Sometimes when I come on an off day, the service is extremely slow but they always apologize and are nice about it. Another dish that I recommend (not pictured) is the Sea Fruit Grill. It is fake fish and comes with all these vegetables and rice paper. You actually make the spring rolls yourself! Delicious and fun to share with a group of people. =) Hope you guys try out the restaurant when you get the chance!

Veghouse1 Veghouse2




Food Review – Sweet Tomatoes (Take-out)


So glad you guys liked the ramen post yesterday. Ramen may not be the healthiest thing but when prepared right, it can be a great healthier alternative to junk food. Needless to say, it is savory and satisfying, especially during those cold winter nights.

Today, I’m going to do a restaurant reviews for Sweet Tomatoes. Sweet Tomatoes is a franchise so there are many locations all over the world. It is buffet style; they offer a wide range of soups, bakery goods, pasta, and a huge salad bar. The only time boyfriend and I eat Sweet Tomatoes now is when we get take out. When we are craving the breads/pasta/salads — the whole shabang, we get the $9.79 deal which gives us a large container of salad, a small bag for breads/muffins, and two 8 oz containers for soup/pasta. The only thing bad about take-out is you don’t get to try all the soups since you only get two containers and the bakery bag is really small so you can’t a lot. Majority of the time, we just get one salad container as our takeout. A salad container is about $5.89 and it is SO SO SO worth. I cannot stress it enough! Their salad bar is 45 feet long – containing, about 5 freshly prepared salad (caesar, summer medley, asian chicken salad, spinach and strawberries, etc..they make it every 30 mins and alternate the flavors depending on the season, and make you own fixings such as spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, potato salad, tuna salad, egg, seeds, mushrooms, anything you can think of to put on a salad.

Boyfriend and I are able to get full off ONE take-out container making it about $3 for each of us! We are STUFFED. When we eat in, we usually don’t eat much and it’s 9.49 a person, totaling the meal to $20! But no, we’re cheap so we take out for $6. Haha!

Here’s pictures of our take-out last week….st1st2

I wanted to put the salad bowl next to the cereal box so you guys can get a feel of how big this salad was!
What I put in my salad: a tiny bit of caesar salad, a whole bunch of baby greens and spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, potato salad, tuna salad, egg, sunflower seeds, corn, and pasta. I don’t like to add the prepared salads because those add a ton of calories and plus when I put all the potato/tuna salad and toppings, those give it a TON of flavor already. Putting the topping over a bunch of prepared salads make the taste too strong and flavorful to me. But cmon, is that big tub of a salad a great deal for $6?? You can bet I stuff it as much as I can! Haha

You guys should go to sweet tomatoes…and get take out! I don’t think it’s totally worth it eating in and paying triple, quadruple, or however depending on how many people are eating. Plus this way, you won’t be stuffing your face with all the pastries! Have a good day everyone!


Food Review – Hue Restaurant – San Jose, CA

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First of all, I’d like to apologize for all the food reviews I’ve been doing lately. I am a college student and the semester is coming to an end. With that said, I am swamped with papers, projects, and finals. I have no time to grocery shop, let alone cook; therefore, I’ve been eating out way more often.

Hue Restaurant

Boyfriend and I went to Hue Restaurant today for lunch. There’s this Vietnamese dish called Banh Beo and it’s these little steamed rice cakes with dried shrimp and scallions with fish sauce. I love these and Hue makes great individual small plates of it. They are super soft and flavorful. A plate of five little dishes cost about $3.25. It’s a little pricey but so worth it. Boyfriend and I both got one and shared a big bowl of vegetarian Bun Bo Hue. Bun Bo Hue is a spicy noodle soup, usually made with meat but this restaurant had many vegetarian options which I am always grateful for. The broth was flavorful, spicy, and addicting. It left me wanting more and that’s how I know it’s delicious! The bowl was $6.50 which is so affordable. This restaurant is great for vegetarians. They specialize in appetizers and provide vegetarian options for ALL of them. I’ve had banh ram it and banh nam from here before and they were delicious. You guys definitely need to try this if you get the chance.


PS. I’ll have a yoga post for you guys tomorrow! =)

Food Review – Veggie Grill – San Jose, CA

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Veggie Grill has finally made its way to San Jose, CA!

Veggie Grill originated from Southern California but has branched out to Oregon & Washington. For the first time ever, it came to Northern CA! I was sOooOoo excited! Veggie Grill is a restaurant that serves delicious food with NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS! YAY! Their menu consists mainly of salads, sandwiches, and burgers. They have many appetizers or sides such as nachos, mac n cheez, buffalo wings, fries. My family and I ventured over there Friday evening to try some of their food and it was so delicious! Here is what we got…

The All-American Stack – This burger consisted of veggie-steak, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, crispy onion rings, and thousand island dressing. This burger was delicious! I’m guessing the veggie-steak is tempeh. It was seasoned very well and tasted great hot; however, once it got cold, it had a funky taste…especially when eaten alone. However, still delicious! Look at the the fresh veggies =)

My mom got the Crispy Chick’n Plate. This came with cauli-mashed potatoes topped with mushroom gravy, fried chick’n, and rosemary steamed kale. My mom raved on and on about this plate. I tried some of the potatoes with the chicken. Absolutely fantastic! The chicken was crispy and the texture was right on. It was more like a chicken patty rather than a piece of fried chicken. Trust me, meat-eaters wouldn’t know the different; they’d think it’s a chicken nugget. Lol!



Boyfriend got the Buffalo Bomber. This was fried chicken strips tossed in buffalo sauce, tomato, red onion, lettuce, and ranch dressing. This sandwich was really good. The buffalo dressing tasted awesome!


My dad got the Santa Fe Crispy Chick’n burger. This came with fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado, and spicy vegan mayo. Now, my dad is a meat eater and even he said this tasted delicious. I’ve had this sandwich before and it’s nom nom nom. =)

If you guys are near a Veggie Grill, you must try it! Food is fresh and delicious! I’d say the chicken comes closest to the real thing. The steak was ehh, okay. It’s delicious when paired with others things but when it’s alone, it tastes a little weird. Haha Oh! and the sweet potato fries are awesome. They come with this chipotle ranch that is so creamy! The price is just right…for a meal it’s about 8-9 dollars. All the burgers/sandwiches come with a side of cole slaw or chili but to substitute to sweet potato fries, they add an extra $2.25, which is a little steep since they only give a handful of fries. It should be +$1! Haha but still worth it…hope you guys like this food review.


PS. Check out this cup I got for my mom for her birthday from “Teddy”. Isn’t it just hilarious?!! I love my dog! ❤


FOOD REVIEW – Which Wich? Tomato & Avocado Sandwich

Which Wich? is a very interesting eatery. I believe they have them all over California…I’ve seen some here in the Bay Area and in Socal as well. When you first walk in, you see a big menu along with 10 containers of paper bags depending on what type of sandwich you’d like. Some of these categories were chicken, seafood, vegetarian, beef, turkey, classics, breakfast, etc. They even had one category for milkshakes. Depending on what type of sandwich you’d like, you grab that paper bag and customize it how you want.

Boyfriend and I shared a large avocado and tomato sandwich. We added three types of cheese: provolone, cheddar, and american, mustard, crispy strings, grilled onions, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and pickles. The sandwich was toasted and STUFFED. The crispy onions were particularly yummy. It was like little baby onion rings. Our total only came to about 11 dollars so it was a good deal for the both of it.

This place isn’t about gourmet flavors or anything special but if you want a good classic sandwich, it’s a good place to go to. They also sell warm homemade cookies and shakes but we were good and didn’t try those. Haha.

I give this place a 7/10. I’d definitely come back for sandwich but it isn’t anything special.

FOOD REVIEW: Bruxie Waffle Sandwiches – Anaheim, CA

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As many of you know, my family and I were fortunate enough to visit Disneyland this past weekend. Before we went back home to the Bay Area, we decided to stop by at Bruxie. Bruxie is well-known eatery in Los Angeles/Orange County area. They specialize in gourmet waffles — savory and sweet! Some savory waffles included burgers, turkey club, pastrami, roast beef, cheese, and egg (breakfast) sandwiches. The sweet ones were with maple syrup, fruits, whipped cream, nutella, and more.I have never tried it before so I was really excited since I love my waffles! Boyfriend and I decided to split two kinds of sandwiches and waffle fries. The first was their cream and cheese and smoked salmon sandwich (lox). This sandwich included smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, and cucumbers. The second sandwich was roasted mushroom. This sandwich consisted of roasted mushrooms, arugula, goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar.

Both sandwiches were delicious. If I were to go back, I would definitely get the roasted mushroom sandwich. The mushroom sandwich had great flavors and blended wonderfully together. The smoked salmon was a little two salty for me and I got tired of the creaminess in the cheese quick. I wish that the waffles were warmer and crispier. The waffles were soft and room temperature by the time we got our food. It’s understandable because the place was crowded and they would have to make the waffles ahead of time. The price was right! The mushroom cost about 7$ and the lox cost about $9. They gave a bunch of smoked salmon though. I know most places when you get lox, they tend to skimp on the salmon. The waffle fries were PERFECT. Crispy, hot, and tasty!

I give this place a 8/10. I would definitely be back to try some more, especially those sweet ones! I would highly recommend you guys try this place out if you’re around the Los Angeles area. =)


Food Review: Subway’s NEW Falafel Sandwich

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As I was walking to school last week, I noticed a large banner at Subway. The banner said something along these lines: Subway’s NEW Falafel Sandwich. Great for vegetarians! I’m always willing to try any vegetarian choices that any restaurant, especially fast food put on their menu. I thought it was great that Subway wanting to appeal to vegetarians and vegans by giving us more choices! I mean, a sandwich full of vegetables can get a little boring at times. Haha =)

I usually pack my own lunch everyday for school but didn’t purposely pack it yesterday so I can try this new falafel sandwich. I was excited because I don’t eat subway very often but from the outside, it smelt toasty and delicious. I ordered my sandwich. Got falafel balls, provolone cheese, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cucumber sauce and toasted!

My review: It was a big let down. It was not flavorful AT ALL. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO DRY. I would never get it again. You’re better off with a vegetable or cheese sandwich. I had to add hummus to mine to compensate for the DRYNESS. Props for subway thinking of providing more vegetarian choices but FAIL.

Have you guys tried it? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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