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Restaurant Review: Di Lac Vegetarian Restaurant

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Good morning!

Yesterday, I ventured to a local family-owned vegetarian restaurant located in San Jose, CA. As we arrived in the restaurant, we noticed that there was a takeout section. Two items plus rice or chow mein for 5 bucks! Talk about a good deal! They had a great selection; all the Vietnamese favorites including roasted chicken, egg rolls, sour soup, tofu stirfry, eggplant with tofu, vegetable dishes, fish, etc. and all vegetarian! Boyfriend and I decided to eat in and see their menu, there were a ton of choices. Some appetizers included spring rolls, egg rolls, salads. They had a variety of rice plates and an extensive meal for family dinners (where you order different entrees to share and order servings of rice seperately). Boyfriend decided on a roasted chicken rice plate and I decided on pork vermicelli. Both were extremely delicious, I believe they made the faux chicken and pork with wheat gluten and seasonings. It honestly tasted like the real thing!! Love it, we felt so spoiled eating it 🙂 I give the restaurant a 8/10. Service was practically nonexistance but the food made up for it. Definitely a must try if you make a visit to San Jose!

Here are a couple of pictures of our food.


Nom nom. Looks delicious yea?

Have a good night!



How to Go to Social Settings & Explain Your Veg Diet Without Being Rude

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After reading AsianVeganEat’s entry on Eye Rolling, I decided to write about what I think on the topic.

This topic is something that I have always struggled with when I started eating Pescatarian/Vegetarian. My sister and I are the only ones who do not eat meat in our family so when we do go to family parties, it is extremely hard. When we tell our relatives or friends that we don’t do eat meat; we get this, “Why?, Meat is so good, Animals are on the earth for you to eat” and the awkwardness begins. My boyfriend’s family is Filipino, and whoever’s Filipino understands that it is extremely rude for a person to turn down food when they are invited to eat. After changing their diet, I would not want to go over to his family parties or even family dinners because I knew I would be judged; and they’d probably judge me for FORCING their son to not eat meat. They’d talk in their language where I wouldn’t be able to understand and it really sucks. Over this last year, I’ve thought long and hard on what I could say to people so that they don’t be offended or I appear to be rude or snobby.

The first would just to stay easy-going. When you tell someone that you’re vegetarian, you’re either going to get “WHY?” or “OMG I’m sorry, I didn’t know!” Just stay happy and calm. Tell them, “Don’t worry, I can always find something to eat.” If they want to make you something, feel free to give them some tips on what you CAN eat, such as salads, pastas, etc. Many meat-eaters get stress when they have to prepare something for someone with a special diet because they feel like they have to prepare you a whole new meal that you’d love. Just reassure them that it’s okay, you’ll be fine, and you can probably find something in their kitchen. Being easy going will make things easier for everyone. Or you can always bring your own snacks. Actually, I encourage this, you never know what’s going to be served and don’t want to go hungry, especially when it’s at a place where you’re not as comfortable to ask to raid their kitchen. Haha.

The second step would be when they start asking questions: Why are you not eating meat? Practice, practice, practice your wording and only talk about the positives. Don’t say things like meat is so bad for you, animals get hurt, yadi yadi because those things will most likely offend others. Instead talk about how much vegetables make you feel better, if you’ve lost weight, energy levels.

The next aspect is talking about animals. Should you talk about animals? It’s extremely hard for me to talk about this to people, especially when they’re a little close-minded and judgmental. If I wanted to be rude, I’d just say, “What’s the difference between eating a cow or dog?” But we all know that’s not the way to go…you know, talking about animals brings up a whole other topic. I find it a lot easier to talk about health because you could say you’ve done research and don’t like how animals are treated in factories but then people might ask what about free-range. So I really think it’s your call but I’d just simply say, “It’s a personal choice that I don’t want to eat meat. I always make sure that I get enough nutrients.” Which brings up another point, many people don’t believe that eating vegetarian gives you enough nutrients and if they tell you that, just simply tell them, “You know, I’ve never felt better. The doctor believes my health is in great condition.” Simple as that.

The fourth aspect, what do you say if people say, “OMG I love bacon and cheeseburgers, I could never give that up.” Depending on who I’m talking to, many times, I don’t really say anything and sometimes, I’ll say,  “you can still eat cheeseburgers!” Maybe they’ll be fascinated and try it themselves. There are some people that are always going to have something negative to say or something just to counteract what you’re saying. Sometimes, when asked why? I’ll just say, “my stomach doesn’t do well with meat” then no one can really say anything.

I hope that helps; I know how difficult it could be. There are times when  I feel like I’m being judged but at the end of the day, their diet is theirs and yours is yours. You know exactly why you’re vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian and that’s what matters. Some people are nice about it and some will never understand. Just be nice and do you. Have a wonderful day.


Vegan Pinto Beans Recipe

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If you’re someone who eats meat but wants to turn into a vegetarian/vegan, it can be pretty hard to get your protein in. Beans are a great source of protein. They’re great in tacos, with rice, in burritos, on salads, etc.

These pinto beans were made in a crockpot but you can make them over the stove as well (bring beans to boil and simmer for about 4 hours) I prefer making them in the crockpot though because they are so tender and a lot more flavorful!

– 3 cups dried pinto beans (I bought mine at whole foods; bulk section baby!)
– 3 tbsp cumin powder
– 1 tbsp garlic powder
– 1 tbsp paprika
– 1/2 tsp red crushed peppers
– 1tbsp olive oil
– 1 onion, diced
– 2 roma tomatoes
– 5 cloves of garlic

Throw all ingredients in the crockpot. Add about 8 cups of water, about an inch from the top. Turn crockpot on high and leave for about eight hours until tender. Enjoy!

(I will post recipes for bean & cheese burrito and bean tacos featuring these beans this upcoming week. Watch out for them. They’re delicious!)

Namaste, Jenn


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Hi there!

On Oct 6-7, I was fortunate to attend a yoga retreat hosted by JennField Yoga located in Woodside, CA. It was located at the Stillheart Institute. While driving up there, I had no idea what to expect. We were literally in the boonies. When we got there, it was absolutely beautiful! It was located in the middle of nature and the retreat center was pretty luxurious. My boyfriend and I were able to stay in a “treehouse”. (Pictures will be below) Our treehouse was super roomy. The bathroom was beautiful and it even had a nice sized tub in it! (I brought all the Lush goodies to take a hot bath in :D) From the bed, all you could see were windows outlooking the forest. To be quite honest, I was a little nervous about the retreat. We were only given two juices for breakfast and lunch. Then we were given a healthy vegetarian meal for dinner. Our wonderful meals were prepared by the one and only YummiYogini. We were to do two yoga classes a day. The morning one were 2 hours long and very challenging. The class is designed to twist your intestines around so that you literally need to go to the bathroom. There were also about 3 lectures a day about healthy eating which I really enjoyed. I will talk about the topics in another blog. On Saturday evening, there was a Kirtan concert that we could attend with lead singer Prajna Vieira from the band Mukti. On Sunday evening, there was a sound immersion class.

My experience: The morning class was so challenging that I couldn’t even make it to my evening class which was a yin class (super relaxing I hear) for both days! I learned so much from the lectures by Jenn Field & Amber Henzi. The people who attended the retreat could not have been more supportive and friendly. I loved meeting everyone. It was my first Kirtan concert and it was so fun! Prajna has such a BEAUTIFUL voice; you guys should really check her out! Sound immersion class was quite interesting…the man (I forgot his name) played these beautiful crystal bowls and gongs while everyone laid on the floor with their heads facing towards the instrument. You could feel the vibrations going through your body. Everyone fell asleep and woke up feeling different. I personally felt fine, although I kind of freaked out a little bit because at one point, it had a stereo effect and I could hear the sound coming from one ear to the other. Overall, I had a wonderful time. It was expensive but money well spent. My love for yoga is just growing and I can’t wait to share all the other adventures I have with you.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!



Our comfy beds.

The awesome view from our beds.

Delicious smoothie: goji berries, raw cacao, bee pollen

Spring rolls for dinner =) The thai sauce was raw: tahini sauce, agave nectar, cashews…

Delicious split pea soup with raw cashew sour cream + avocado citrus salad

^^ Will post recipes once I get them

On our balcony

Dancer pose.

Found a yoga platform on our hike. Not the best form but working on it!

My boyfriend side planking =)

The Beginning

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Welcome to my new blog. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Jennifer and I currently reside in the Bay Area. I am a student at San Jose State University. There are a couple of reasons why I wanted to start a blog. I had just come back from a yoga retreat hosted by Jenn Field Yoga located in Woodside, CA and have been inspired. I have been doing yoga since March 2012 and yoga is the only thing that I have been able to commit too. I absolutely adores and love yoga.  I  also made a lifestyle change in  January to be vegetarian. I have been thinking about becoming vegan for awhile now but I have not made that big step yet. We’ll talk more about that later…

In this blog, I hope to take you with me on my yoga journeys and share my recipes with you guys. My passion is health and nutrition. I love to eat well and feel good.

Welcome and I hope you come back! =)



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