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No Money?? No Problem! HEALTHIER Alternative for College Students – Ramen!

Being a college student, money is TIGHT. Eating healthier is awesome but it can cost a lot. A staple in every college student’s dorm room or apartment is RAMEN. Ramen usually costs 30 cents to one dollar. Many college students LIVE on this stuff because it’s so cheap. One night my boyfriend was craving ramen so I decided to make a healthier version of it and then a lightbulb clicked! This would be a perfect recipe for college students. It is much much healthier and filled with more nutrients. So college students (and ramen lovers), listen up, this is what you need…

Ingredients for 1 serving:
– 1 ramen pack (the one in the bag, NOT cup)
– 1 egg
– cubes of tofu
– handfuls of romaine lettuce and spinach (sometimes I use bok choy. Nom Nom)
– mushroom seasoning – no MSG!
– 4 cups of water
– sea salt

1. Boil your water and put in 1 tsp of mushroom seasoning, a dash of sea salt, and the onion packet without the fat. You can buy mushroom seasoning at an oriental store. The ramen pack usually comes with two packets of seasoning. One will have onions and fat (oil) and the other is powdered seasoning. TOSS the fat and powdered seasoning. Tons of MSG in those powders.

2. Take a smaller pot and boil two more cups of water.
3. While waiting for water to boil, slice your lettuce and spinach and put it in a big bowl. You can put a lot, everything will wilt when it comes in contact with the hot soup.
4. When water in the small pot is boiling, drop in your ramen. Leave it in there for 2 minutes, drain it, and then pour it into the bigger pot of boiling water. (Boiling it in just water first will take away some of the seasonings on the coating thats not very healthy for you.)
5.Once you put the ramen in the bigger pot, crack the egg into the pot and drop in the tofu cubes. You can either poach the egg or just break it up a bit. I prefer to break it up because it will cook much faster. Don’t leave the ramen boiling in the water for too long or else it’ll get soggy.
6. Pour all the soup over the lettuce and spinach. Within a minute, it will wilt. Put some fresh pepper if you’d like. Enjoy! The broth is clear and delicious.

Give the healthier version of ramen a try! ❤


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