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Happy 15th Birthday to My Sister! <3

My sister turned 15 this year on November 5th. It’s amazing how fast the younger members of my family are growing. I still think that most of them are 7-8 but in reality, they’re 13-14-15. Crazy! Now I remember how old I’m actually getting…haha! Of course we had to have a big family birthday party. My sister and I are the only ones in our family that are on a pescatarian diet. My extended family has a hard time grasping the concept of pescatarianism, let alone vegetarianism. We both wanted the party to be only vegetarian, however, my mom was convinced that our guests would not be so happy. Therefore, she included both vegetarian and meat dishes. It has been about a year since my mom has cooked meat in our house…it was weird to see the frozen duck defrost in the sink. Terrifying image. My boyfriend, sister, and I were ‘What the 239871293?!’ when we saw it in the sink. I knew my mom was right when all my uncles asked where are all the meat egg rolls after they saw that we only served vegetarian egg rolls. =/ It baffles me that some of my family members can’t even eat ONE vegetarian meal in celebrating my sister’s birthday. But whatever, you can’t change everyone’s minds. Still, I wanted to share with everyone what we served at our party (both meat & vegetarian dishes). My mother prepared most of these meals and I’ll be sure to post some of her recipes in the near future. She’s a pretty fantastic chef. ❤

Fried Shrimp Balls from King Eggroll – San Jose, CA

Vegetarian Thai Fried Rice – Homemade – Absolutely delicious (boyfriend’s fave!)

Banh Beo from Long Phung – San Jose, CA. These are steamed rice cake with dried shrimps & mung bean paste. Usually eaten with fish sauce.

Banh Cuon from Long Phung – San Jose, CA. These are steam rice wraps with ground meat inside them. It is usually eaten with fish sauce and fried onion.

Goi – Homemade. A variety of vegetables seasoned with vinegar, salt, and sugar. It’s the vietnamese cole slaw.

Mom’s Macaroni & Cheese – Delicious! Favorite of Kids.

Chow Mein – Homemade. Mom made a meat version and a vegetarian version. Meat version had Chinese BBQ pork and Veggie had tofu slices.

Thai Noodle Pandan dessert – Rice flour w/ pandan juice & coconut water.

Basil Seed w/ Jelly blocks & Canned Lychees. Refreshing.

My grandma made this jello for my sister. Pretty awesome huh? Tastes great too! Each color represents a different flavor.

The Fruit Cake I made! Tangerines, peaches, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries over a thin layer of angel food cake. Was delicious! Light and sweet but not too sweet. Will post recipe soon! =)

How was your guys’s weekend? Hopefully everyone had a good one just like I did. I always cherish the times that I get to spend with families and friends.
Hope everyone likes the pictures!

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