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I Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media & Technology

On Sunday, I instagrammed this picture:

My sister’s birthday party was on Saturday and most of my younger teenage cousins have smart phones now. Boyfriend and I tried to get them to do fun activities such as playing basketball or Just Dance 4 on the Wii and the little kids were excited and engaged in the activities. However, when I looked back at the couch, we saw a lot of “older” kids on the couch just browsing the web, instagram, or facebook. It’s just super disappointing to me to see them waste this family time that we have together. Pretty soon, I know we’ll all have our own families or they’ll get new girlfriends/boyfriends and the time to spend with our extended family will lessen. This isn’t the first time that this has occurred and gatherings are not just as fun as they used to be. I know as a “yogi”, I try to stay calm and understanding but this is just something I cannot understand. Why are people so consumed in social media? I love social media but I’d rather go on these networks on my own time. I don’t understand why people are so desperate to check up and connect with what other people that they never talk to on a regular basis, celebrities, or strangers are doing when they can be spending time with people who are closest to them RIGHT in front of them? Checking the phone once in a while is fine but being glued to the phone is another story.
One time, boyfriend and I was out to dinner and we looked over to the table next to us and saw a couple who were both attached to the phone. You would almost think that they were texting one another instead of talking! It just, oh my gosh, bothers me so much! I’ve been out to dinner with a friend that was on her phone 24/7 and just agreed to whatever I was saying but I felt like she wasn’t even listening. I think it’s rude and insensitive to be on your phone. I know that kids are growing up with technology now and 3-5 years are now playing with iPads and iPhones. But man, pretty soon, there’s not going to be any real relationships anymore. It’s just going to be done online. When kids get together, they already just talk about what they have seen on the internet. Haha. So funny because my boyfriend still has a flip phone; he refuses to get a smart phone because he does not want to be guilty of being on his phone 24/7 and will not succumb to it.
Anyways, I can ramble on and on about this but what do you guys think? Maybe I just don’t understand the importance of being connected 24/7.

What do you guys think about social media? And teens or young adults? Should I really be that annoyed?

Peaceful thoughts now =)



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  1. Reblogged this on kenwallaceblog and commented:
    i totally agree with you,there are times and places for you to be glued to your phone but not when its family gatherings… well said!


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