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FOOD REVIEW: Bruxie Waffle Sandwiches – Anaheim, CA

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As many of you know, my family and I were fortunate enough to visit Disneyland this past weekend. Before we went back home to the Bay Area, we decided to stop by at Bruxie. Bruxie is well-known eatery in Los Angeles/Orange County area. They specialize in gourmet waffles — savory and sweet! Some savory waffles included burgers, turkey club, pastrami, roast beef, cheese, and egg (breakfast) sandwiches. The sweet ones were with maple syrup, fruits, whipped cream, nutella, and more.I have never tried it before so I was really excited since I love my waffles! Boyfriend and I decided to split two kinds of sandwiches and waffle fries. The first was their cream and cheese and smoked salmon sandwich (lox). This sandwich included smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, and cucumbers. The second sandwich was roasted mushroom. This sandwich consisted of roasted mushrooms, arugula, goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar.

Both sandwiches were delicious. If I were to go back, I would definitely get the roasted mushroom sandwich. The mushroom sandwich had great flavors and blended wonderfully together. The smoked salmon was a little two salty for me and I got tired of the creaminess in the cheese quick. I wish that the waffles were warmer and crispier. The waffles were soft and room temperature by the time we got our food. It’s understandable because the place was crowded and they would have to make the waffles ahead of time. The price was right! The mushroom cost about 7$ and the lox cost about $9. They gave a bunch of smoked salmon though. I know most places when you get lox, they tend to skimp on the salmon. The waffle fries were PERFECT. Crispy, hot, and tasty!

I give this place a 8/10. I would definitely be back to try some more, especially those sweet ones! I would highly recommend you guys try this place out if you’re around the Los Angeles area. =)



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  1. mmmm bruxie! vanilla cream pure sugar cane soda is so good too!


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