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SarahFit Dietbet Completion

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Good morning!

Today marked the end of my  second Dietbet competition. For those who do not know what DietBet is, it is a website that you can compete with others to lose weight.

This is how it works: you can either join with a group of friends, family ,or a random team. The host will initiate a specific amount of money and in order to join, you must contribute that. All the money goes into a pot and by the end of 28 days, if you have lost 4% of your body weight, you will get your money back PLUS money from those who did not lose the 4%.

Dietbet is a great way to motivate one another and on the plus side, you can win some money! If you join a random team, it’s a great way to meet new people who have the same goals as you.

This is the second time that Sarah from SarahsFabChannel on Youtube has hosted Dietbet. Her blog is in case you guys wanna check it out. She offers great recipes, workouts, and reviews!

The 1st Dietbet: I forgot what the pot of the first one was but everyone had to contribute $15 dollars. I succeeded in that competition and won around $42 dollars! That is almost a 30 dollar increase and that equals one top or more yummy groceries, or a night out at a healthy restaurant. Not too shabby right?

The 2nd Dietbet: This time, we were to contribute $25 dollars each, an increase of $10 dollars a person! I was a little nervous because 25 dollars is a lot of money. I joined anyways, hoping that this would increase the level of motivation and if I do win, I’ll get to win more money! This time 304 people joined and the pot got up to $7600 dollars. That’s a big chunk of money. I was more involved this time. I updated my activities almost everyday. You’re able to post comments of your food/workout, pictures of food/workouts, how you’re feeling, etc. Other competitors will comment and cheer you on. I also was able to connect with people on twitter/instagram. It’s nice to have a great support system when you’re trying to lose weight. Sarah was also very helpful and responsive to tweets and comments on the dietbet page. It was also a GREAT competition to do before the holidays…haha, it’s probably likely that we will gain back some during the holidays…I’m happy to say that I succeeded and won this time too! I lost about 7 lbs. WooOoOt! WooOot! Not sure how many have succeeded or how much money the winners will get but I will update once I find out!

Sarah is going to be hosting another dietbet on January 1st. How much is the contribution? Not sure but you all should join! It’s great for motivation and toning for the summer/spring!

Thank you Sarah for hosting this.



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