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Penne Pasta w/ Shrimp and Vodka Sauce

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Boyfriend and I made shrimp and vodka pasta for lunch a couple of days ago and it was DELICIOUS. He couldn’t get enough of the pasta. It was super creamy and a little spicy. It’s not the HEALTHIEST recipe but with portion control and only one serving…it’s not too bad. =P Pasta is definitely my comfort food, especially when the weather gets colder. Just one bowl of hot pasta and I’m a happy girl. Pasta makes great leftovers; most of the time, it’s even better the next day! The sauce with marinate into the pasta. I really hope you guys try out this recipe. Let me know what you think. šŸ™‚

Ingredients (Makes 6-8 servings)
– 1 box of penne pasta (I used whole food’s 365 spinach penne pasta)
– 1 lb raw shrimp
– 1/2 chopped basil
– 1 tsp crushed peppers
– 1 cup spinach
– 1 small onion
– 2 garlic cloves
– 2 tbsp olive oil
– 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese or Asiago cheese with olive oil and rosemary (from Trader Joe’s)

Vodka sauce:
– 1/3 cup butter (I used earth balance)
– 1 small onion
– 3/4 cup & 2 tsp vodka
– 42 oz. of crushed tomatoes
– 1 1/2 cup of heavy cream

1. Make Vodka sauce: chop onion and saute in butter until brown, soft, and sweet. Pour in vodka and let it cook for 10 minutes. Pour in crushed tomatoes and cooke for 30 minutes. Pour in heavy cream and cook for another 30 minutes. Let it cool and set aside.
2. Boil water and cook pasta according to instructions.
3. Use a sauce pan and heat up olive oil. Mince in garlic and chopped onion.
4. Grate in the fresh cheese.
5. Put in red crushed peppers.
6. Cook raw shrimp for 3-5 minutes until pink.
7. Pour vodka sauce over and heat.
8. Add in spinach and most of basil. Save some for garnishing.
9. Drain cooked pasta, toss with sauce, and garnish with basil and more cheese.
10. ENJOY!!


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