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Yoga Rave — San Francisco, CA (Fort Mason Center)

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Hi guys!

On October 12, I was able to attend the Yoga Rave hosted by the Art of Living Foundation. Yoga Rave is an event in 7 other countries including Sweden, Chile, Argentina, Denmark, Slovenia, Lithuania, and South Africa. It just came to the United States for the first time this year! Their philosophy is having fun without the use of substance, drugs, and alcohol. All ages are welcome. I’ve never been to a “rave” rave so I can’t compare but this was NOT one of those. No one dressed up. No one took drugs. There were lots kids there and older people.

My boyfriend and I were super excited to attend because we heard that there was going to be an Acroyoga performance. Unfortunately, traffic was awful and we got there an hour late so we missed it. *womp womp* The location in San Francisco was HUGE and it made the place look empty. The first thing we did when we got there was eat. There were a couple booths of sampling and two food booths. One was empanadas and the other was Lydia’s Organic and Raw Food. We decided to get a raw burger with cashew cheese. It turned out to be pretty yummy. I was kind of disappointed at the lack of choices in food. From the description on their website, I expected more. Numi Tea was also there with free packets of tea and hot water so that was nice. There was also a matted section for people to do yoga. I loved watching everyone; most were doing acroyoga so I was pretty amazed. The new thing I did was get a henna! A simple henna cost $10 so it was pretty affordable and fun to do. After that, there was a meditation session. Everyone sat down and paired up with another person. They sat back to back and just meditated. It was nice to see. So What! Project came up next. So What! Project is a band and they perform at all Yoga Raves. They got the crowd going. It was really nice to see everyone jump up and down and dance together, no matter what age. People were really expressive and I felt a little dorky and out of place. I’m not really the “partying” type so I was pretty out of my element but I just joined in and it was pretty fun! I can’t imagine doing that for hours though…I lasted about thirty minutes. Haha

Overall, I probably wouldn’t attend again. I believe this has potential but the large space was just too LARGE. There weren’t a lot of things going on. Maybe I’ll come back in a couple of years to see what it really has to offer.


Enjoy some pictures. I didn’t take too many =(

OooooooOOoOo Pretty, glittery henna 🙂


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