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Product Review — Are Lululemon Yoga Pants Worth It?

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If you’re a yogi, you know lululemon. Ever since I went to my yoga class, I noticed that most people had really cute athletic attire. So of course, I had to ask about their clothes because DUH, I want to look cute too! =P They all reply with one word, “LULULEMON”. I go to my closest Lululemon store which was located at Santana Row in San Jose, CA and was SHOCKED. Each yoga pant was $98 dollars and the tops were $50+! Who on earth would spend that much on yoga clothes? Of course…I did. After committing to yoga for 6 months, I decided I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Are they really THAT amazing?? I went to Lululemon, bought my first groove pants, a wunder under pant, a couple of tops, and a jacket. Handed over my whole paycheck and prayed that what I wasn’t going to regret spending so much money on yoga clothes. Here is what I have to say…

The yoga pants:
Pros: so cute that you can wear out, hugs perfectly and makes your booty like banging, free and fast hemming when you buy at the store (big plus for me since I’m only 5’3), comes in a lot of styles and designs, good thick material but breathable, super comfortable, tons of sizing so it’ll fit perfectly (not just small, medium, large)
Cons: I don’t know if my thighs are too fat or anything but piling happened after 3 wears, the cost, bad return policy. (I think you have 3 days or a week to return, unused)

Before purchasing yoga pants by Lululemon, I wore yoga pants I bought from Target for $20 or Nike and they worked fine. Overall, for quality, I don’t believe that Lululemon pants are worth it but for looks, yes. I gotta say, Lululemon’s designs are so cute. When I look cute, I’m more motivated to work out (I know, so materialistic) but it’s true. These are no miracle pants though, your yoga practice will be just as good using regular yoga pants. So it’s not necessary but hey, if you work out a lot, why not treat yourself and splurge a little?

I hope this helps!

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